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• Monday, January 11th, 2010

I don’t want to bog down my blogs so I will be posting my 365 on photobucket :)

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Author: priscilla
• Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Did you hear what it was?!

I’m pregnant!!

Baby #3 is due in July. I’m 7 weeks today. Everything looked great at the ultrasound and the heartbeat was a glorious 150 beats/minute!! I just LOVE hearing that sound.

William says he will be disappointed if it’s not a girl. He needs a change. HAHAH.

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Author: priscilla
• Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

We recently took professional TKD pictures and they turned out awesome!! I have a release to print/use them as I want so I will share some.

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Author: priscilla
• Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

My baby started Kindergarten today. He hugged me extra tight and extra long and I braved a smile, rolled out of the room, looked my Charlie, Lucas and my friend Shannon and just lost it. I cried. It’s awful. This is potentially my new life for the next 16 year

s. That’s not why I cried. I cried because I want to home school. I want to have my babies home with me. Learning from me. I want him to do what he wants and he doesnt even know what that is so we are giving this a try.

ANYWAYS. Pictures, anyone?

his lunch and my cheesey mommy love note

my handsome boy, by the front door.

walking down the hallway to his class

sitting down at his desk after our hugs

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Author: priscilla
• Saturday, July 03rd, 2010

Will announced he has a loose tooth. I checked and sure enough he does!!

He is SO excited. I’m happy for him, but so sad we are about to run out of milestones!!

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Author: priscilla
• Thursday, June 17th, 2010

The good news is she is doing much better. The bad news is we really don’t know what it was, exactly. Something inner ear. Our Vet took her OFF one antibiotics and but her on two different ones but it seems to be doing the trick!

That’s all!

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Author: priscilla
• Monday, June 07th, 2010

We aren’t sure what is going on with our kitty, but she’s 10 years old and has been shedding a crazy amount the last 2 weeks or so. I’ve kind of ignored it. Yesterday, she came in from being outside and I was vacuuming (hair!!) and she kinda rubbed up against the vacuum once or twice and fell over. I thought it was just the noise/vibration that startled her. She moved on and I finished up. I looked over at her and ever few steps she’d stumble. It was like she was drunk. Charlie started watching too. He picked her up and tried to get her to drink some water but she couldnt stand up long enough to do it. We called the Emergency vet and they said to bring her in. I was holding her and also noticed she felt lighter (found out today she’s lost 0.6 lbs, which is a lot for a kitty, I think). Anyways, the Vet looked her over and we ran some bloodwork but nothing came back abnormal. They suspect it might be neurological :( . There is a small chance it could be toxoplasma so we are giving her antibiotics for that. They also put a hydration pack under her skin. ALmost $500 and no real answers. We just wait and see and give her lots of love …. Hubby did some research and found that some older cats tend to do this and it’s over in a few days but the weight?!!! Oh and we were worried she wasn’t urinating but she finally did that! Phew!!

We are trying to keep her off furniture for fear she’ll fall but that is nearly impossible. She’s been hiding out UNDER our bed quite a bit.

Worried about my kitty.

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Author: priscilla
• Monday, May 10th, 2010

My baby is really, truly 2. Wow! Can you believe that? He got lots of fun goodies (including Spike Red, a Leap Frog texting thing and Tag Reader Jr. ) Thank you to EVERYONE that came and gave my baby a gift.

You can buy that Hot Diggity Dogg kit at SSD. (yes I got it for free, because I create pages for Melissa to use in her advertising!)

Stitiching I bought from Traci Reed also at SSD.

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Author: priscilla
• Friday, April 16th, 2010

Will has been working very hard and learning TaeKwonDo for one year, and last night he graduated from the Tiger Cub program and is officially a Junior. He will begin working towards a REAL black belt! We are so excited for him and proud of all of his hard work. We are also very grateful for all the hard work the instructors at Pflugerville TaeKwonDo Plus have put into teaching him, especially Mr. Steve Barkley!



We enjoy the entertainment portion of the awards ceremony a great deal. It’s just amazing to see people breaking boards and creating a personal form to music. Last night was no exception and Charlie managed to catch a few action shots as 3 of our black belts wowed the audience. (please click on the pictures if you wish to see a larger version, but excuse the quality … the lighting and actions shots made it difficult)

Mr. David Barkley:




Mr. Brandon Toohey:


Mr. Farzad Khosrowpour:

kash form

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Author: priscilla
• Friday, March 26th, 2010

I think most people that read this know that I am a digitial scrapper. I love it. I’ve been doing it since September 2004. It’s a really HUGE community of you are NOT part of it; you’d be surprised.

Anyways. . . it can cost just as much as paper scrapping. It get $$. There is just SO much awesome goodness out there. That’s where the good part comes in. Almost every designer has a “creative team” or CT. I’ve been on various teams throughout the last 5.5 years. I am grateful to every single one of them. Really.

I recently left a HUGE “gig” and sorta regret it because now I am back to buying from a store instead of getting free for giving inspiration. Anyways. I recently made a NEW team. (Fear not! I am still on Eva Kipler’s team!)

I am one of the newest memeber of Melissa Bennett’s CT. So yes….she gives me her kits for free and I make 1 page with it for her to use as she sees fits in advertising.

I have also applied for 3-4 GUEST spots … anxiously awaiting news on those as well.

So this is my post that says I really want to get back into sharing my art with my readers … Especially since it’s a good way to make sure everyone gets to see the boys. So…. here is my latest LO (layout) made with a kit Melissa is releasing tomorrow! This happened YESTERDAY. Hilarious! Click for a full view. Everything on the page was from the mentioned kit!


So yes. My littlest man made me paint his toes. He brought the polish to me. Climbed in my lap and stuck his feet in the air! HAHA!

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Author: priscilla
• Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Today has been craaaaaazy tiring. We woke early and headed to the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon’s office. Charlie is doing better than he thought. In fact he’s up moving around a little as a type this. This is still the beginning of about a 6-9 month process.

In case you don’t know, Charlie lost a tooth when he was about 10. They put it back in and he wasn’t supposed to be able to keep it passed 18 or so. Well, he did. It wasn’t until 6 weeks or so ago that he had the dentist pull it and give him a temporary tooth. As part of the process we had to do a bone graft before we could install the implant. That’s about it.

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Author: Priscilla2
• Monday, March 08th, 2010

had a very fun, BUSY weekend. I’ll try not to bore everyone with all the details but it’s definteley worth recapping. Charlie’s Aunt was in Texas for a conference and when she finished she decided to come visit for the rest of the weekend.

  • Friday- Arrived and dinner at The Catfish Parlour (where I saw a local DJ just as he was leaving so I ddn’t get to say hello. I tweeted it to him later though!)
  • Saturday-Mavis and I hit a couple of garage sales in the morning. (Charlie doesn’t like to go. That’s for sure!!) In the afternoon we went to the lake and ate at Rudy’s BBQ. We also met a boat neighbor. Listening to him talk, we are on THE party dock. FUN! FUN! Mavis really enjoyed the boat and we had some AWESOME wind!!
  • Sunday – Mavis and I shopped!!!!!!!!! Lots of shopping. All boy free. We took her to Maudie’s for dinner. YUM!
  • It was a great weekend and we were able to introduce her to several of our local favorites!

    That was about it!

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    Author: Priscilla2
    • Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

    Ok. This is going to be quick. I am feeling really overwhelmed this week. Lucas DID NOT break his nose (hit my chair and it bruised and became swollen) and he DID not ingest 1/2 bottle of cayenne pepper. Don’t ask. He’s fine. None in his eyes or mouth but, Pleaaaase? Stop?! Just for two minutes. LOL.

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    Author: Priscilla2
    • Thursday, February 11th, 2010

    Newest is first :)


    This is what I love. This is what I am going to miss. This week my “baby” has almost an entire week home with me. He only goes to school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Friday is just a “School holiday” and Monday, well, Monday is President’s Day. So, see? Almost a full week home with Mommy.

    I’m not really looking forward to this fall when he goes to school. I’m going to be so sad. How is it that I have a 5 year old? I can’t believe I have an ANOTHER child almost 2. It’s so sad. And wonderful. And amazing. And loud. Gosh. I’m gonna miss this!


    Yup. You heard me right. We put our almost toddler in a tent. Sorta. It’s a crib tent. Netting that goes over and he can’t climb out. I remember seeing them but forgot all about them. Then the lovely DigitalKady suggested it and we went on the hunt. Walmart didn’t have it. Target didnt have it. The one baby store listed that supposedly carried it was OUT. Again. He said they don’t stay on the shelf. I looked on Craig’s List. I found an OLD posting from last month. Emailed anyways. Shot in the dark, right? They still had it!! DH went to look since it was by his office and BAM! We bought it and now our baby is in jail. He didnt like it when I zipped it but only fussed — oooh, maybe 1 minutes? Not bad :)


    I had to take the side off because he almost feel out.

    lucas crib

    Luckily I was RIGHT THERE as he was going over. Will WAS NOT A CLIMBER! ACK!

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    Author: Priscilla2
    • Friday, January 29th, 2010

    I can’t remember exactly when it started but I blame my sister, Karen, entirely. Will became obsessed with Monster Jam all because of her. He went to an unnamed store with her and came back with AVENGER.
    That’s the name of a poplular Monster Truck, except it looks more like a car so we weren’t sure what it was at first. Then we looked it up. It hasn’t stopped since then. We watch them on TV almost daily and have since purchased at least 20 more of these said toys. Thanks so much, Hot Wheels, for making me spend my husband’s hard earned money on your products. I guess if I am to be fair William has spent a great deal of his very own moeny on said toys. He earns it by being my little helper. Some might call it slavery but since I PAY him, is it?

    Ok … fast forward. He wanted a Monster Jam birthday. Okay. Whatever. Found a bounce house and pinata, wall stickies and other stuff. EAsy peasy.

    Then he discovered that that people REALLY go to REAL stadiums and watch the trucks race and do “freestyle” FOR REAL! (FYI, he doesnt like the racing, JUST the freestyle…)
    Well…..what would any loving, obedient parent do but find out if they will be touring “a city near you”? They were. Go figure. (Ok … I must say I was (not so) secretly excited, this would be a BLAST!)

    So we ordered tickets and my father-in-law picked up what we thought were simple pit passes at some jacked fast food chain. When he actually got them they were “pit party” passes. Ooooh what fun would that entail?! Little did we know we would dirty up my wheels while meeting the drivers for the night! Will was so excited. Just before we left, We told him he could get 2 shirts and 2 shirts only. That’s a laugh. He did get 2 shirts. They are identical. We don’t want the signed one to wash out so we bought a second one we can wear. We didnt decide this until AFTER we bought a hat. Later he said he wanted a flag. We got that too. We’re succors.

    Oh yeah. So he got lots of autographs and photographs and he also got to give HIS autograph to a demolition derby car. How cool is that!? Lucas, too!! Sorta. It was really a scribble. The dork mommy that I am took pictures of it. Actually we took close to 200 pictures the entire night, if not maybe over 500. ooops. I think I am going to make a photobook for Will to remember the event. After all….it was pretty awesome!

    oooh yes!! How could I forget. Has anyone ever heard of Spanky Spangler Pro STunts? It will give you a heart attack but you must check out some of the stunts. The one we saw blew us away . . .

    ANd what is a blog post without pictures besides a blog post withouut pictures?!

    Will cause this truck Max of Destruction instead of Maximum Destruction. HE’s a champion and was one of Will’s first favorites. SAdly, he has dropped down on the list and has been replaced by super hereo and cartoon trucks like batman, superman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (none of which were in Houston … BUMMER)

    EYes on Will please. This driver cracks me up! He was the only driver not standing and can you see his hair?!! I think he may be the driver Will sees on TV all the time and why he is holding up random fingers in pictures, lately.

    ANd of course, here are my boys giving THEIR autographs to the demo cars:

    lucas sign

    will sign

    So that’s it. That was our weekend, in brief. It’s not REALLY the end though. We plan to go again next year. We even talked about flying to Vegas for the finale! That would be fun.

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    Author: 1priscilla
    • Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

    I thought you might like to see these in case you don’t follow them on photobucket:

    day 7

    day 9

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